“It is on the North Shore where you find inspiration for great projects for the future. Always on the North Shore”

Who are we?

NORTHSHORE INVESTMENTS S.L. is an asset management company with direct participation in the technology, sports, sustainability, venture capital and real estate sectors. 

 We are focused on responsible medium to long term investments with a global scope. The management of our activity is carried out mainly from Barcelona. 


To help companies grow and become market leaders, while creating higher returns on our assets.


To participate in responsible business projects that improve people’s lives and environmental sustainability. 


Our values ​​define how we work: with a focus on innovation, environmental sustainability and personal integrity.


NORTH SHORE INVESTMENTS S.L. initiates projects directly, being able to bring in other partners. 

In addition, it also has a financial role for other companies where it delegates management to its professional teams with extensive knowledge of the sector. 

Depending on each case, NORTH SHORE INVESTMENTS, S.L. can be part of the board of directors and offer strategic advice. 

Our current portfolio is a taste of our strategy.

Type of investments

As a result of our interest in diversifying risks and building business and growth opportunities for our investee companies, our portfolio is as follows:


In the sports area, we have our own projects in Spain and we participate in Spanish companies with an international vocation with more than 70 projects in development across 5 continents. 


In terms of innovation, we invest in technology start-ups. In some of them we also participate in the board of directors helping at a strategic level. 

Venture Capital

We participate in venture capital funds and we are interested in finding new opportunities, as long as they help us to make a difference in profitability and without forgetting the socio-environmental responsibility. 


We believe in sustainability in a strategic way. We currently participate in a company that is a source of inspiration for the care of the oceans. In this line, we are interested in continuing to create value with new projects. 

Real Estate

We buy real estate and promote the construction of properties in prime areas: Barcelona, Costa Brava and Canary Islands.  

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