Investment portfolio

As a result of our interest in diversifying risks and building business and growth opportunities for our investee companies, our portfolio is as follows:


In the sports area, we have our own projects in Spain and we participate in Spanish companies with an international vocation with more than 70 projects in development across 5 continents. 

Instant Sport (Wavegarden)

This is an engineering company dedicated to the development, design, manufacture, installation and promotion of waves and lagoon generation systems for surfing. The corporate headquarters are located in “San Sebastián”, in the Basque Country.

Wavegarden Barcelona

It is a catalan company that has the exclusive right to build and manage a Wavegarden in Catalonia. Different locations are currently being studied with the aim of achieving a facility that adds value to the territory and to the world of surfing.

Honna Surf Hub

It is the first artificial wave in the city of Madrid. Honna Surf Hub is a patented German technology that creates a continuous wave that is perfect for surfing in a pool. In practice, it is more similar to a river wave than a sea wave.


In 2015, the Indoorwall Climbing Gyms chain was founded in Catalonia and specializes in setting up climbing and leisure centers for children. The experience and expertise of the founders and part of the workers has allowed them to open 12 successful centers throughout the Spanish territory in six years.


In terms of innovation, we invest in technology start-ups. In some of them we also participate in the board of directors helping at a strategic level.


A  Swiss  technology company with the  aim of designing and developing high-end delivery  drones for the medical industry.  The company was founded in 2021 and it is the first company in the world to dock directly to a window or balcony with its delivery drone, making it faster and easier.

Camaleonic Analytics

Company based in Barcelona city with the aim of increasing the impact of its clients’ advertising, branding and social media actions. Through artificial intelligence technology, the clients obtain their data in real time, significantly improving management and ROI.

Onebox Ibérica S.L.

Onebox is a technology company located in the city of Barcelona. It was founded in 2010 to provide a solution to the problem of online ticketing distribution of ticketing for events and leisure activities.

Social Car S.L.

SocialCar is the leading private car rental platform in Spain, a community of trust that improves transport options by taking care of our environment and fostering relationships between people.

Albora Technologies Limited

Albora was founded with the aim of tackling the most urgent problems of geolocation technologies. Its multidisciplinary team is based on extensive experience to develop a unique and disruptive technology: ALCORE.

Lanai Startup Partners

Founded in October 2016, Lanai Partners is a group of Business Angels who combine their knowledge and investment skills to support digital start-ups in Spain. Among others, our current portfolio includes Landbot, Fotawa, Avuxi, etc.

Venture Capital

We participate in venture capital funds and we are interested in finding new opportunities, as long as they help us to make a difference in profitability and without forgetting the socio-environmental responsibility.


Seed Rocket 4 Founders capital is a venture capital fund founded in 2017. It was created with the aim of bringing investment in the technology sector to professional investors and family offices outside the sector, taking advantage of their knowledge and experience.


We believe in sustainability in a strategic way. We currently participate in a company that is a source of inspiration for the care of the oceans. In this line, we are interested in continuing to create value with new projects.

Ocean 52

Ocean52 was founded in 2018 with the aim of contributing more than it receives. In its business model, this objective translates into allocating 52% of its available profits to the protection of our oceans through collaborations and ambassadors.

Real Estate

We buy real estate and promote the construction of properties in prime areas: Barcelona, Costa Brava and Canary Islands

Villas Sal Marina

Tourist luxury Villas located in Fuerteventura, in the village of Lajares, a few minutes away of the best beaches of the North Shore, the villas are newly built. They are equipped with all the modern comforts and with sustainable systems specially designed for the care of the environment: solar panels, garden irrigation by using purified house waste-water, ozone system for pool water treatment, etc.

Talaia Plaza Ecoresort

Located in Costa Brava and the unique member in Spain of the brand Beyond Green, Talaia Plaza Ecoresort is part of the PLAZA HOTELS & RESORTS holding.

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